November 2006

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2006 AGM Agenda & 2005 AGM Minutes Posted on Nov 29th, 2006

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2006 National Seminars & Technical Meeting Agenda Posted on Nov 29th, 2006

National XC Seminar Nov. 30 - Dec. 1 Facilitator Keith Nicol

Thursday Nov. 30 Meet at Silver Star Town Center by Ticket office 9:00
Friday Dec. 1 Meet at Sovereign Lakes Ski Area Day Lodge in Basement 9:00

National Telemark Seminar Dec. 3-4 Facilitator Mark Simpson

Sunday Dec. 3 Meet at Silver Star Ski Area Day Lodge 8:30
Monday Dec. 4 Meet at Silver Star Town Center by Ticket office 9:00

Pacific Region XC Refresher Saturday December 2
Facilitator Tony Chin (AM) and June Hawkins (PM)

Meet at Sovereign Lake Nordic Center prepared for Skating and Classic Skiing 9:00

Pacific Region Telemark Refresher Sunday December 3 Facilitator Brian Tuskey

Sunday Dec. 3 Meet at Silver Star Ski Area Day Lodge 8:30

CANSI Technical Committee Meeting Agenda Saturday Dec 2 Silver Star, BC
Breakfast meeting to review agenda in Town Hall Eatery, Silver Star Village 8:00

National Seminars & Technical Meeting Agenda: Click on Continued


2005-2006 National Office Report Posted on Nov 28th, 2006

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We feel that the past season went very well.

The finances are current and look better that in the past. The review engagement for year ending June 30, 2006 was sent to Ian for circulation.

A large part of our time is being spent on the new database. It is very time consuming as it was introduced during the busiest time of year.

We are dealing with a large volume of calls/e-mail with people to correct there data or help them renew on-line etc. Thank you to both Garry and Jan who have both been helping the office with the new process.

We have not received the new DVD in the office to distribute to those who have made orders.

I have spoken with Traci Rizzi re: Insurance and the policy should be renewed at the same price for this season. I should have the firm price later today.

Renee Scanlon
National Office CANSI

2005-2006 President's Report Posted on Nov 28th, 2006

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The CANSI Board has continued to be very active since the December 10, 2005 AGM in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My term as President ends at the CANSI AGM on December 2, 2006 so this will be my last report to you. Having said that, a motion has been brought forward to create a new position on the board - Past President. If this motion carries, I will be pleased to offer support and advice to the new President.


2005-2006 Mountain Region Year End Report Posted on Nov 28th, 2006

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2005 – 06 was a brilliant year…. if you are a jogger. Every time we heard another meteorologist talk about the brilliant weather that Albertans were experiencing, an agonized cry went up from skiers across the province. A brief respite from the snow drought occurred in March, when a season’s worth of snow fell in one weekend, and paralyzed much of the province. Cars, busses and pedestrians were sidelined, but groomers, skiers and cross country addicts quickly headed to the trails to put a season’s worth of skiing in to two weeks.


2005-2006 Central Region Year End Report Posted on Nov 28th, 2006

In addition to the Regional Briefing held in December Central hosted one Level I course in the 05 - 06 season.

Initially twelve candidates registered for the Level I course but unfortunately only 6 were able to attend. Despite the low numbers and freezing rain on day 2 it was a good course with a very enthusiastic group of candidates.

Of the six completing the course, five successfully attained their Level I certification. The remaining skier plans to “study-up” and re-test in the 06 - 07 season. Unusual for Central was the participation of a skier from Thunder Bay.

Central also hosted the National Annual General Meeting in conjunction with the December Regional Briefing.

Ian Hughes
CANSI Central

2005-2006 Atlantic Region Year End Report Posted on Nov 28th, 2006

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CANSI Atlantic ran one cross country instructors level I course and one refresher last year in Atlantic region. One new level I course conductor was certified bringing the total number of course conductors in the Atlantic region to two.

The number of courses offered was down from 4 courses in the previous year. One reason perhaps was the higher cost that was charged - $170 up from $140 or so in previous years. The idea of the higher price was to gain more regional revenue to offset the high cost of sending a Tech Rep to National Meetings.

Last year, the fact that Keith Nicol would have had to pay between $500 and $1000 to attend the National meeting out of his own pocket, meant that he couldn’t attend. However charging higher amounts may not work as a way to raise extra local revenue since last year our region only made about $200 extra from courses. This is a serious question that will need to be examined since our small population may make it very difficult to attend future Tech Meetings unless we can raise regional CANSI revenues.

Keith Payne
CANSI Atlantic

2005-2006 National Financial Report Posted on Nov 28th, 2006

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This report relates to the reporting period July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006.

Contrasting this year with 2004 - 2005 it is clear we performed significantly better in fiscal year 05 - 06. In 04 - 05 we budgeted for a $7000 deficit, choosing to use past cash surpluses to pay for the video production. However, revenue was almost $12,000 less than anticipated, due to unrealistic membership predictions. These had been based on faulty membership data from 03 - 04. As a result we had an $18,000 deficit at June 30 2005.

In response we budgeted very conservatively in 2005 - 2006. Expected revenue was reduced and deep cutbacks made. For example no Board members traveled to the AGM, the travel budget went only to the Technical Committee instead of both groups as previously. As well, XCitation was only published online, no hard copy distributed. As a result of more careful budgeting we ended 05 - 06 with a surplus of $2500.

I recommend the Review Engagement as produced by Collins Barrow Ottawa LLP and attached to this report be accepted as presented.

Ian Hughes


2006 Technical Committee Report Posted on Nov 28th, 2006

All is good news on the Technical front, with the completetion of the Instructor’s Manual and the Course Conductor’s Manual. A big Thank You to Tiffany, the committee and all who have put many hard hours into this project. The availability of the Ski Your Best video, will give the instructors more aids for the X-country technique. The Course Conductors seminar in Silver Star, Vernon has open days for the members to join all the high level CANSI course conductors. All designed to improve your technique and teaching.

A few members will attend the ‘Interski’ in South Korea; we look forward for the gathered information from the other countries.

The new CANSI website will make registration for the courses easier, please use this resource wisely as a lot of effort has gone into it. Thank you to those members who have put a lot of time into this project.

Short but sweet, Thank you all for the support of the Technical committee.

Richard Haywood
CANSI National Technical Chair

2006 Course Conductor's Manual Posted on Nov 28th, 2006

The Course Conductor’s Manual revision has been completed and was released to all key CANSI Technical people on Nov. 1, 2006. This is the document that will be used by all course conductors during this season.

There is a live copy posted on Google Docs so that comments can be added. Any individual wishing access to this tool can email Glenn Lee for instructions. We will review these comments during the technical meeting (agenda attached) and may issue another version within 2 weeks if necessary.

More work is required on policy issues to reflect our web based LMS tool. The course agendas and technical content are current and relevant. The technical material will be tested extensively during the on snow sessions and any changes to course content and agenda will be communicated via Basecamp after the meetings.


Mark Simpson
CANSI Pacific, Technical Representative

2006 XCitation Report Posted on Nov 28th, 2006

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First and foremost, this will be my last season as editor. I encourage the Board to spread the word and seek out someone to replace me. I am working on building a business and unfortunately, to hold licenses in some provinces means giving up any other source of income. I would like to advertise in XCitation for a replacement and would like the Board’s approval on compensation details and expectations the Board has of the Editor.


2006 Web Project Report Posted on Nov 28th, 2006

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RFP Completed

  • Web project RFP issued, 7 (excellent) responses were received and Firmwater’s proposal was chosen by a team of members from across the Canada.
  • Firmwater’s proposal was based on enhancing their commercial Learning Management System to meet our needs. We had originally anticipated a 2 year development cycle, but Firmwater committed to a project plan covering one year.


National 2006 Annual General Meeting (updated) Posted on Nov 27th, 2006

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The Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors will be held on Saturday December 2nd, 2006 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at Silver Star Mountain Resort (Silver Star, B.C.) in the High Altitude Training Centre. All members are invited to attend.


Online Payments - are you having problems? Posted on Nov 27th, 2006

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You can pay for your membership renewal, register for courses and pay for them online. For those of you who would prefer to pay by phone or mail, please contact the National Office.

Online payments, whether by credit card or PayPal account, are handled by PayPal. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account if you want to pay by credit card.

Please note that some members have found the PayPal payment pages confusing, in part due to PayPal’s desire to get you to register for a PayPal account. Please read the notes when you go to renew or pay for a course. If you still experience problems, contact the National Office or your region.


Ontario November 2006 News Posted on Nov 22nd, 2006

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Earlier this month Hardwood Hills near Orillia reported 8 k of trails open! With the chill in the air and the occasional flake we are all looking forward to seeing how our summer training schedule has paid off.


National Seminar - Reminder Nov 30-Dec 4, 2006 Posted on Nov 22nd, 2006

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Just a reminder that everyone who is attending the seminars should register at the CANSI web site.


Motions for the CANSI AGM Dec 2, 2006 Posted on Nov 21st, 2006


The following Motions will be proposed at the AGM in Silver Star. Feel free to comment.


Is your certification information correct? Posted on Nov 21st, 2006

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Many members are finding errors in their certification data when they login. The new system allows you to see your certification information, while in past years this information wasn’t published. Now that this information is readily available, we are seeing that some clerical errors were made in past years and also that some course sheets were not recorded. If you find any errors in your certifications when you login, please contact the National Office or your region.

Now that this information is easily maintained, published and readily available, there should be far fewer errors.

New Course Conductor Certifications Posted on Nov 21st, 2006

Our new membership system now allows us to maintain information on CANSI members who are approved to conduct and examine CANSI Courses. There are two new streams of certification XC Course Conductor with Levels I - IV, and Telemark Course Conductor with Levels I - III.


Telemark Courses at University of Calgary Outdoor Centre Posted on Nov 8th, 2006

Telemark Level I preparation, Level I certification and refresher courses are being offered by the University of Calgary’s Outdoor Centre at Nakiska this season. For more information and online registration, consult the Outdoor Centre web site or call them at 403-220-5038.


Welcome to CANSI's Home on the Internet Posted on Nov 1st, 2006


CANSI website screenshot

Come on in and make yourself at home. At your fingertips, you can find out the latest information from CANSI and register for instructor certification training courses. If you are already a member, you can view your certification information and keep your contact information up-to-date, as well as renew your membership on-line. If you’re not quite ready to do this on-line, you can still contact our National Office at (819) 360-6700 during business hours in the Eastern Time zone.