November 2014

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Ontario XC Courses 2014-2015 are open for registration Posted on Nov 15th, 2014

Thanks to Wendy Grater, Paul Jorgensen, Paul Graner, Jay Thibert, Jean Pierre Lavoie, Alex Beaumont, Clare Magee and Jan Vopalensky we are pleased to offer you this winter 12 XC courses over 7 events and at 6 locations.

You can find and register for these course on the CANSI Courses page. But to save you some searching, here is their summary with direct links.


CANSI Instructor's Manual - 2013 edition Posted on Nov 13th, 2014

CANSI is pleased to announce that the newest edition of Teaching Nordic Skiing - Instructor’s Manual is now available on This 2013 edition presents changes to the skating techniques having the skier project the body in the direction of travel rather than the direction of the ski, and changes to double poling and one-step double pole having the skier incorporate some leg action to obtain more propulsion. These changes are highlighted in grey in this version of the manual. Thanks to Ken Schykulski, Marie-Cat Bruno, Guy Lavoie, Larry White, and Joad Clement for their help in creating this new version of the manual. Members can download this 2013 edition or order a hard copy on-line from the Members Area.